The Child in the Pew

As you look about the Church, you will see that children are an important part of our worshiping community. Their presence here grows out of a commitment to incorporate children into the life and mission of our Congregation and nurture them into a growing relationship with God.

We take very seriously our responsibility to help raise the next generation of God's people.

Bringing children to worship may not always be easy for any of us, but it can be an extremely important part of their spiritual growth.  Children are beginning to learn by the examples of adults what it means to worship God.  We trust that together we can provide a positive experience for these, our youngest worshipers.
Preparing Your Children

Some helpful hints for preparing children to worship in the Sanctuary:

  1. Call practice sessions at home.  Pretend games can help prepare your child for the new experiences.  Play "Church" with your child.
  2. Bring something soft and quiet for the ones to hold or look at.
  3. Established signals (both positive and negative) that can be used without talking.
  4. Stop at the washroom before the service.
  5. Sit near the front, so children can see what is going on.
  6. Share your Bible and Hymn Book with your child.
From a Child's Perspective
Some notes to parents from their little ones:
  1. Encourage me to stand up when the congregation stands (stretches muscles and encourages participation).
  2. When I have a question, answer it briefly; don't hush me or ignore me.
  3. After worship, answer any questions I may have.
  4. When the offering plate is passed, please let me put money in it and help to pass it to the next person.  A coin for the offering teaches sharing.
  5. If I wiggle, don't be upset.  Plenty of adults wiggle too.
For the Congregation
Some suggestions for congregation members:
  1. Express joy at having children worship with us; send a smile on their way!
  2. Help parents of small children by showing your support of their children who are part of our Church family.
  3. Take time to speak with the children.  Many are shy and we encourage getting to know them.
Children's bulletins are available for sharing and learning during services.